Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008: St. Francisville to Franklinton, LA - And the winner is...

The results are in for today's stage of The Armadillo Invitational. The favorites, the 'dillo squad, pulled out the expected victory with 5 points during the 83.6 mile, 6 hour contest.

In second place were the Snakes with 3.5 points. There was a tie for third, with the Turtles and the Birds each getting 3 points. The Skunks scored 2.5 early in the contest, including an exciting LIVE appearance, but were soon dropped. The Dogs got a single point. In the team competition, the Reptiles took the cup, in spite of the Dillos strong bid on behalf of the Marsupials.

Today's ride was long, quite hilly, and pretty hot, but I felt great all day. When we reached the hotel this afternoon I just kept riding, doing a pass through the strip center next door to check for eateries. I could easily have done another 25 miles, even in the afternoon heat. Fred had faded around 20 miles back, though, so it is good that we cut today's ride back from the original 102 mile route.

At Fred's request, our fourth rider, who will be joining us in Pensacola, has replaced the original final 5 days through North Florida (which included two 100-mile days) with a 6 day tour of the Florida gulf coast, with single day rides no longer than 70 miles. This new revision will delay my return to work by a day, but the easy last week means that I will be fully functional when I do return.


  1. I’m curious what you all are carrying for clothes and how much weight each is carrying? Are you sharing anything (like flat kits etc)?


  2. I'm glad to know that you made it across highway 10. I was concerned about the stretch from St. Fran to Jackson because there's no shoulder!
    We talked about you on the patio last night and wondered about your progress. Needless to say, we feel as though we're old friends now after only two nights of visiting, so I'll continue to track your trip and report to the other tenants as you go along.

  3. Sounds like your having fun! 70 miles still sounds like a lot of miles to me. But, my bike experience is limited these days to a single speed bike that brakes when you pedal backwards. I hope that yours is a bit more comfy! Love-Nina

  4. Jim -

    All three of us are carrying just minimum street clothes - like two shirts, a pair of shorts or two, and flip-flops. We each have two or three jerseys and bike shorts. I should say HAD because we each sent extra stuff home today. It is so hot that all three of us are wearing our sleeveless jersey every day. I rotate through my three pairs of bibs.

    Fred is very limited in what he can carry because he has no racks on his bike. He is dependent on Ray and me for all repair and mechanical stuff other than a couple of extra tubes. I'm the only one with any significant tools or the know-how to use them. We should have coordinated who would bring what in that dept. but we did not. It just worked out.