Friday, October 28, 2011

First Test of My Commitment

In my previous post I detailed my commitment to do a hilly ride, including Sugarloaf Mountain Road (our most notorious local challenge) at least once each week for a year. I am now 18 weeks in, but today was the first time that I had to go out in weather that would normally keep me from riding. It was not really that bad, just some light rain, but I had already taken a pass on my normal Wednesday ride because the weather looked "gloomy." Today was the last day of the week, so I felt I had no choice.

The ride gave me a chance to try out the SealSkinz socks I bought after my adventure on Togwotee Pass in Wyoming last June. It was not much of a test, given that it wasn't raining very hard and it wasn't very cold, but so far the results are encouraging. The socks were comfortable and my feet stayed warm and free of rain water. Next time, though, I will wear a light pair of coolmax socks underneath for better sweat management.

OK, I agree that it wasn't much of a test. My reason for not riding on days like this has more to do with the need to clean the bike up afterwards than my comfort while riding. There are going to be days over the winter, however, that are going to be at least 25 degrees colder, and possibly wet to boot. Regardless, I am determined to ride and I've got plenty more new cold & wet weather gear to try out.