Saturday, February 4, 2012

Off the beaten track

Kathy was not feeling well this morning, so we decided to go for a short, easy ride on our local rail-trail. The problem is that riding from our house always involves some climbing, both out and back, and Kathy's status was so marginal that I decided we would just throw the bike in the van and go out to the West Orange trail for an hour or two.

Once there, we started out doing our normal ride on the trail, but after about five miles we just started taking detours down inviting side streets in Winter Garden. There are some nice old sections right near downtown and we found ourselves daydreaming about what it would be like to someday downsize to a place like the ones we were riding past. After a while we found ourselves at a little park at the foot of Lake Apopka, a large Florida lake second only to Lake Okeechobee in South Florida. We passed a most enjoyable half hour or so watching the abundant bird life and having our mid-ride snacks.