Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tour de Seth Route Change

Fred and I are only 78 days from the second installment of our cross-country bicycle tour. This year the plan is to finish what we started last year by riding 600 miles or so from Gainesville, FL to Key West. We had been planning to head down the center of the state as far as we could go, then heading across Tamiami Trail to the outskirts of Miami before finally heading south again to the Keys.

After discussing our planned route with others who know better, we have decided to take their advice and head down the East Coast instead. Apparently, it is far too dangerous to bike on Tamiami Trail. So, we are now thinking we’ll head east from Gainesville and pick up the Adventure Cycling route in St. Augustine, or maybe Crescent Beach, and pretty much stay on that all the way to Key West.