Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back in the saddle again

During the first seven months of 2008 I rode almost 4,500 miles (around 640 miles per month). In the next two months I rode only 320 miles because of travel, illness, weather, and a variety of other conflicts and responsibilities. Things have finally sorted themselves out, so for the past three weeks I have been riding four times each week. For the most part these rides have not been long or hard, but I am grateful to be back on the bike and to be re-establishing my schedule.

The change in routine has been accompanied by a better mood and a huge appetite. Unfortunately, my sleep patterns are no better, in spite of being pretty tired a good deal of the time. Last night I started my end-of-day routine at 9pm instead of the usual 10 or 11, and probably fell asleep around an hour earlier than usual as a result. I was out of bed at 6:30 this morning, and squeezed in a 90 minute ride before work. I am looking forward to the time change in a couple of weeks so dawn will come earlier and it will be easier to get out of bed at 6 or so.

Kathy and I have a soft plan to drive up to Ocala early next Sunday to ride the Gainesville club's Horse Farm ride. It might be two years or more since we did it last, which is kinda weird, given that it is one of our favorite rides in the area. If we actually do it, I will post some photos.