Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25, 2008: Little Rock to Star City, AR

Seth does not have wireless access to the Internet at the motel tonight so I am just posting the stats for the day. Kathy

The guys left Little Rock at 7:30am and arrived in Star City, AR at about 2:30pm.
5:38 riding time
Distance 81.6 miles
Average speed 14.4mph

We stopped at  luxurious rest stops like this one every 90 minutes or so.

Los tres amigos del camino.

Heat in the afternoon was the biggest problem today. In the morning it was hot but overcast, so it was bearable. The temperature on the road was up to 99, so by the time they were done, they were beat. There is a decent Mexican restaurant next door, so they ate and turned in early. Their plan is to leave Monday morning at about 6am for a ride of 64 miles.

Today's ride was uneventful with little traffic to start. At the times when there was traffic, there was also a wide shoulder. The people in AR are very courteous giving them a wide berth....much more courteous than drivers in Florida.

If it turns out that the next motel also does not have a wireless network, Seth may have me send him a small router he uses when we travel. He did not think it would be necessary to bring, but it may turn out to be. We will see. He sounds chipper tonight but it is just the end of the first day of riding!

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