Thursday, June 29, 2017

Flex Tour in Maine: Day 1, 18 June 2017 - Standish to Brunswick

Last night David basically told us to ignore the weather forecasts, as the Maine weather rarely does what the meteorologists predict, and he was right. In spite of predictions for a good chance of rain, there was no rain, and initial cloudiness turned to sunshine by the time we reached Portland. 

We got a bit of a late start because of some minor bike issues. Finally on the road, we made a left instead of a right, or maybe vice-versa, so we added a couple of miles to today's ride before actually getting on route. Along the way, Fred decided that he likes his rental bike, including the fact that it has airless, flat-proof tires. By the time we got to town, he had decided to keep it for the week, so we made a slight modification to the route to stop by Gorham Bike & Ski to change the rental period to the full week. While at this very nice shop, Steve had an adjustment made to his rear derailleur and bought an attractive hi-viz jacket. Mitch was fascinated by some kind of attachment that converts your bike to a cargo-bike, and I stayed outside keeping an eye on the bikes and sending out some status messages on my phone.

From the shop, it was just a few blocks to the waterfront, where we settled into an outside table at Dry Dock Restaurant and Tavern.

From left to right: Steve, Mitch, and Fred
The route out of Portland was on several miles of waterfront recreation trail, with lots of pretty views and a trail-side, narrow-gauge train carrying tourists.

Fred and Seth
From that point on, it was pretty much up and down until we arrived at our hotel, The Travelers Inn in Brunswick. It is an old property, but it has been nicely remodeled and was both clean and comfortable. Right next door we found an excellent Thai restaurant called Sweet Angel, which we all enjoyed.

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