Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27, 2012: PAP Day 2, Fowler, CO to Lamar, CO

After handily winning the Feats of Strength competition yesterday, including the evening stunt of demolishing the road-side convenience store sign next to our motel, the wind became our best friend today.

Remnants of the sign next door, ripped out of the concrete anchor.
We decided to pass up a breakfast of left-over pizza from last night, and hit the road as the sun was coming up at 5:45. Immediately sensing that something very strange was happening, I scanned the skies for UFO's that maybe had mistaken Eastern Colorado for New Mexico. Much to my astonishment I realized that the strange sensation was the absence of side and headwinds. In fact, the utter lack of aerodynamic resistance signaled that most cherished of cycling experiences - the beloved tailwind.

I turned to Fred, riding next to me in the magical light of the new day, and asked, "What is that Arabic saying for "God is good?" Without missing a beat, "Allah ur akbar!" Then, because he is a professor and can't help himself, "Actually, it means 'God is Great', or more literally, 'God is King' or 'God is the Ruler'.

"OK, then. How about we just go with 'The Force is with us' then?"

Sending current location to Kathy back home.
Regardless of language or religious tradition, we felt even more blessed as the morning progressed and our cruising speed increased to 20 and even 25 mph from time to time. We risked only a couple of short stops, for fear that the Wind Goddess might change her mind, and pulled into our motel here in Lamar just before 11 AM. As I type this entry, it is about 4PM. Since arrival we had a leisurely lunch, showered, did our laundry, explored the Alcon discount store across the highway, and the Family Dollar store down the street, and walked through a nearby park. Normally, after a long ride like this we would be fighting fatigue after getting cleaned up and refueling. No shopping. No exploring. No witty repartee. So weird and so wonderful.

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