Thursday, December 24, 2009

Second Annual Mini-Tour - St. Johns Loop

The day after Christmas, two days from now, Fred and I will embark on our second annual winter mini-tour. This time we will be accompanied by regular riding buddy Steve Katzman, and Harris Samuels, who, with his wife Debbi, often comes along with us for our tandem trips.

This trip is based on Bike Florida's St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop tour. We'll be doing it over three and a half days, starting at Harris' house in New Smyrna and heading north. Our plan is to go through St. Augustine, Palatka, Crescent City, Deltona, and Titusville before returning to New Smyrna. The weather outlook at this point is very favorable, with temperatures in the 50's and little chance of rain. Of course, this is Florida, so anything can happen.

Stay tuned for daily posts and photos!

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