Sunday, August 16, 2009

Away and Up, Up

Thursday morning I leave for a weekend of riding in the thin, thin air of the Colorado mountains. I’ll spend Thursday night at Fred’s house in Colorado Springs. On Friday night we’ll drive up to Breckinridge, where Ray (of Tour de Fred fame) and his wife, Jeanne, have a very nice place.

The plan is for Fred, Ray, and me to ride from there to Vail (10,600 feet) and back on Saturday. That’s approximately 50 miles and purported to be one of the most beautiful rides in the universe. I plan to take plenty of photos. On Sunday, assuming I am able to handle the altitude, we will ride up Hoosier Pass, 11,500 feet (!!!).


I’ll be on a borrowed mountain bike, so I’ll have the gearing to go as slowly as I want/need. I am in optimal condition, but the altitude is still a big question mark. I am VERY excited about this little trip!

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