Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008: Apalachicola to St. Marks

Not much going on in the sleepy little town of St. Marks. It is, however, one end of the Tallahassee - St. Marks Trail, a bike trail that runs 20 miles from here to Tallahassee.

Today's 70 mile, 4 and a half hour ride (15.4 mph) from Apalachicola was uneventful. My knee was not too bad but I was careful not to overdo it.

On arrival we got cleaned up and headed out to get some food. We found the Riverside Cafe, right alongside the river, and stuffed our faces.

Fred and Mike couldn't help but make a new friend on the way out of the restaurant.

We spent the night at Shell Island Fish Camp.

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  1. The brevity of this entry was because there was no internet access in St. Marks so I had to do it on my phone. It probably took as long to do as some much longer ones I did using hotel computers! (Seth)